Monday, April 9, 2012

Gorman speaking in Charlotte: Shh!

As several of you have let me know, former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Superintendent Peter Gorman is speaking tonight in the Queens University/BB&T  "distinguished leaders in action"  lecture series.  I signed up online weeks ago,  figuring it would be a great chance to hear from a man who shaped five crucial years of CMS history  and has been publicly silent since his abrupt resignation to take a private-sector job last summer.

This morning, Christa Robaina from the Queens McColl School of Business emailed to say she'd noticed my registration,  and I won't be allowed in.

"We have always worked with our media partners to offer an interview prior to the lecture if the guest speaker was willing, but have never allowed the media to attend the lecture events so our speakers may have a candid forum with our students, alumni and invited guests of the University,"  she wrote.  However, Gorman also said no to interviews.

So the question arises:  What is Gorman going to say about his leadership experience in CMS that he's not willing to say to the general public?  And how confidential can a lecture to an auditorium full of people be?

If you're going to be there, please let me know what he says  --  and consider tweeting with the hashtag #gormanspeaks.  As a superintendent,  Gorman prided himself on transparency,  which included regular communication with the media.  As a former superintendent,  we'll see how he does with citizen journalists.

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