Friday, April 20, 2012

Buzzword bingo: Get a head start

With a new superintendent coming to town,  lots of folks are going to be looking for the inside track.  It never hurts to drop the right buzzwords,  so here's my tip:  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is going from good to great.

Reno Superintendent Heath Morrison,  who got the nod from the CMS board Thursday,  made repeated references to Jim Collins'  "Good to Great,"  and it seems to be his catch phrase for CMS.  Chief Academic Officer Ann Clark also told me she wants to help Morrison take the district from good to great.  They may be working on banners as we speak.

I know I should read the book,  but I've already got Peter Gorman's leadership book on order and a second management manual might make my head explode.  So if you've picked up on some other key phrases, from the book or from the public appearances,  pass them along. 

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