Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heath Morrison entry tour

Heath Morrison, who starts as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent July 1, is in town for house-hunting and meetings with key players. Who made the cut? Here's the schedule CMS provided, with some titles and connections added.

10:27 am Arrive in Charlotte
12:00 pm Meeting with LaTarzja Henry (head of communications)
1:00 pm School visit at Dilworth Elementary
2:15 pm Principal Interview
2:30 pm Meeting with Ann Clark (chief academic officer)
3:30 pm Videotaping for Teachers for Excellence
4:00 pm Meeting with Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Mary McCray (school board chair and vice chair)
6:00 pm Dinner with Tyler Ream (area superintendent in charge of Title I elementary schools)

7:30 am Meeting with Hugh Hattabaugh (interim superintendent)
8:30 am School visits at Metro and Morgan
10:00 am Meeting with Harry Jones (county manager)
11:00 am School visit at First Ward
12:30 pm Meeting with Observer Editorial Board
2:00 pm Meeting with Cabinet members
5:00 pm Meeting with Mike Raible (school planning official)
6:00 pm Dinner appointment

7:50 am Meeting with Michael DeVaul (YMCA)
10:00 am Meeting with Harold Dixon (PTA Council President)
11:00 am Meeting with Natalie English (Chamber of Commerce)
1:00 pm Meeting with Bill Anderson (Meck Ed)
2:30 pm Meeting with Scott McCully (student placement director)
3:30 pm Meeting with Dan Habrat (HR chief, tentative)

All day house hunting with family

7:35 am Flight back to Reno


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