Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CMS won't snoop teachers' tablets

Rumors that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will demand access to all data on teachers' phones and tablets have been flying since the district announced it will launch wifi at all schools in 2012-13 and encourage teachers to  "bring your own technology."

The concern is that teachers who want to use their own iPad or other device in class will have to give CMS a password that provides access to everything on it.

Not so,  says Chief Information Officer Scott Muri: "Students and staff will have the same level of guest access, similar to the Starbucks experience.  Users will be directed to a CMS web site where they will accept our use policy and then proceed through our filtering system to the Internet.  We will not have access to personal devices."

At this point,  CMS hasn't budgeted to buy iPads and provide technology training for teachers,  the way it has for school administrators.  A key thing to remember is that by the time this actually begins,  a new superintendent will be in place,  so most of the practical details remain to be crafted.

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