Friday, January 13, 2012

CMS per-pupil spending report is out

This is kind of a do-it-yourself blog:  For those of you who might want to spend your weekend crunching Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools numbers,  the 2010-11 per-pupil spending report is online.  Click here and look down the list (it's marked "new").  CMS is also posting progress reports on each school that include a lot of other data.

I've got to finish a story on those school progress reports before I can go home for the weekend,  so you won't get any insights from me on what the per-pupil numbers show.  I will offer a brief guide to CMS acronyms and jargon:

"Perf comp"  is the composite pass rate on state exams,  which include reading,  math and science in elementary and middle schools and various End of Course exams in high schools ("perf" stands for performance).

"Focus school"  indicates whether a school gets extra money based on the poverty level.

"SPR"  has me stumped;  can any of you insiders help us out?

"Teacher FTE"  means "full-time equivalencies,"  a way of counting employees in which two half-time workers would count as one FTE.  It's a basis for calculating student-teacher ratios.

  "EDS %"  is  "economically disadvantaged students."  Commonly known as the school poverty level,  it's the percent of students who receive federal lunch subsidies.

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