Friday, November 25, 2011

Klein: Philanthropy drives innovation

Money from philanthropic foundations such as GatesBroad and Dell may be a small part of school district budgets,  but it's essential to innovation,  Joel Klein says in this SmartBlog on Leadership video.

Klein is the former chancellor of New York City schools.  In Charlotte he's also known  as Peter Gorman's new boss;  Gorman left Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools this summer to join Klein in working for the Education Division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Klein says private grants let public school districts try new approaches, while public money covers the cost of running schools.  "Our basic R&D venture money has come from private philanthropy,"  he says in the three-minute video.

Gates and Broad money has helped CMS explore new ways to evaluate, pay and develop the skills of teachers.  As the school board seeks a successor to Gorman,  the role of philanthropic "venture money" is likely to be a point of public discussion.

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